Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is composed of:
a) a chairman, namely the UEFA vice-president who is not a member of the Professional Football Strategy Council (PFSC);
b) three members, who must belong to the Executive Committee.

The Finance Committee advises and supports the Executive Committee in the financial management of UEFA, in particular, but not limited to the following fields:
a) financial reporting to the Executive Committee and Congress,
b) budgeting and forecasting (strategic financial outlook),
c) asset and financial risk management,
d) investment policy (including property),
e) agency agreements related to the top competitions,
f) remuneration scheme for UEFA management,
g) remuneration scheme for members of the PFSC, for members of committees and expert panels as well as for match officers and instructors,
h) follow-up of the management letter issued by the auditing body,
i) good financial governance and transparency,
j) internal control system.

The Executive Committee guides the Finance Committee on the objectives and priorities to be followed.
The Finance Committee cooperates in its work with the governance and compliance auditors, as well as with the auditing body.