Referees Committee

The Referees Committee is composed of a chairman and deputy chairman (as a rule, members of the Executive Committee) and of the number of vice-chairmen and/or ordinary members deemed necessary for the committee to function properly.

The UEFA Executive Committee appoints a Chief Refereeing Officer and two Refereeing Officers who participate in Referees Committee meetings, and whose main responsibilities are:
a) to appoint referees in UEFA's top competitions (UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA European Football Championship and UEFA European Under-21 Championship);
b) to set development topics for the various levels of UEFA refereeing courses;
c) to draw up proposals for ranking referees twice a year in the existing UEFA referee categories;
d) to set guidelines for referee observer appointments and their assessment;
e) to organise monitoring of UEFA's top match officials in international and domestic matches.

The Referees Committee:
a) assists the Refereeing Officers in the appointment of referees for UEFA competitions and the evaluation and ranking of referees and referee observers;
b) conducts a development programme to instruct and educate the referees, assistant referees, futsal referees, referee instructors and referee observers, in order to ensure the correct, uniform and consistent application of the Laws of the Game;
c) identifies and supports promising international referees;
d) represents UEFA towards its member associations on refereeing matters;
e) develops refereeing in the UEFA member associations through the
implementation of the UEFA Convention on Referee Education and
Organisation (hereinafter Referee Convention);
f) studies proposals from the Referee Convention Panel;
g) studies proposed amendments to the Laws of the Game;
h) proposes members for the list of referee instructors, the list of referee
observers and the Referee Convention Panel.

To carry out its development programme, the Referees Committee has the four following sub-committees:
a) Sub-committee for Referee Appointments;
b) Sub-committee for Instruction and Education (with specialists for men
referees, women referees, futsal referees and assistant referees);
c) Sub-committee for Referee Mentors and Talents;
d) Sub-committee for Referee Observers.

The Referees Committee sets up a working group composed of technical
experts (football coaches and/or former players) in order to advise the Referees Committee on the application of the Laws of the Game.
The Referees Committee is supported in its work by the Referee Instructors, the Referee Observers, the Referee Convention Panel and the Referees Consultative Panel.