UEFA decision in Fenerbahçe case

UEFA's Control and Disciplinary Body has issued its decision on the eligibility of Turkish club Fenerbahçe SK to take part in the 2012/13 UEFA Champions League competition.

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On Friday 22 June, the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body issued a decision in the case of Turkish club Fenerbahçe SK regarding the club's eligibility for the 2012/13 UEFA Champions League, pursuant to article 2.09 of the regulations of the UEFA Champions League.

The Control and Disciplinary Body has allowed both the Disciplinary Inspector and Fenerbahçe to file additional submissions in this case. In particular, the final reasoned decisions of the Turkish Football Association Board of Appeals have only just been received and neither the Disciplinary Inspector nor the Control and Disciplinary Body have had the opportunity to review these in detail.

For the time being, therefore, Fenerbahçe may participate in the UEFA competition for which they are eligible, pending a final decision of the UEFA disciplinary body on the matter.