UEFA welcomes match-fixing resolution

UEFA President Michel Platini said "I can only congratulate" the European Parliament after the body approved a resolution on organised crime, corruption and money laundering.

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UEFA positively welcomes the resolution on organised crime, corruption and money laundering which has been approved today by the European Parliament.

UEFA notes that there is a political will to introduce a specific legal framework in all member states of the European Union (EU) to tackle the match-fixing problem. In particular, UEFA is delighted that the European Parliament reiterated the importance of criminalising match-fixing without delay, and to make it a specific criminal offence, as is already the case in Bulgaria, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.

"We more than ever need the support of public authorities in the fight we conduct tirelessly against the scourge of match-fixing," said UEFA President Michel Platini.

"This is the reason why I can only congratulate the European Parliament for the resolution adopted today on organised crime. This resolution goes in the right direction and confirms the good relationship we have with the European authorities on this matter of prime importance for the future of football and of sport in general.

"We are now waiting with interest to see how this resolution with be implemented by the European Commission and the EU member states. They must take their responsibility, follow the recommendations of this resolution and most importantly act quickly and with the utmost firmness.

"UEFA will itself continue to apply a zero-tolerance policy against all those who are involved in match-fixing."