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UEFA Champions League: AS Roma - Real Madrid CF Match press kits

UEFA Champions League - 2015/16 SeasonMatch press kits

AS RomaAS RomaStadio Olimpico - RomeWednesday 17 February 2016
20.45CET (20.45 local time)
Round of 16, First leg
Real Madrid CFReal Madrid CF
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Previous meetings Only this chapter

Head to Head

UEFA Champions League
05/03/2008R16Real Madrid CF - AS Roma1-2
agg: 2-4
MadridRaúl González 75; Taddei 73, Vučinić 90+2
19/02/2008R16AS Roma - Real Madrid CF2-1
RomePizarro 24, Mancini 58; Raúl González 8
UEFA Champions League
08/12/2004GSAS Roma - Real Madrid CF0-3
RomeRonaldo 9, Luís Figo 60 (P), 82
28/09/2004GSReal Madrid CF - AS Roma4-2
MadridRaúl González 39, 72, Luís Figo 53 (P), Roberto Carlos 79; De Rossi 3, Cassano 21
UEFA Champions League
30/10/2002GS1Real Madrid CF - AS Roma0-1
MadridTotti 27
17/09/2002GS1AS Roma - Real Madrid CF0-3
RomeGuti 41, 74, Raúl González 56
UEFA Champions League
24/10/2001GS1Real Madrid CF - AS Roma1-1MadridLuís Figo 75 (P); Totti 35
11/09/2001GS1AS Roma - Real Madrid CF1-2
RomeTotti 73 (P); Luís Figo 50, Guti 63
AS Roma4103421100008314915
Real Madrid CF4112430100008413159

AS Roma - Record versus clubs from opponents' country

UEFA Champions League
24/11/2015GSFC Barcelona - AS Roma6-1
BarcelonaSuárez 15, 44, Messi 18, 60, Piqué 56, Adriano 77; Džeko 90+1
16/09/2015GSAS Roma - FC Barcelona1-1RomeFlorenzi 31; Suárez 21
UEFA Champions League
05/12/2006GSAS Roma - Valencia CF1-0
RomePanucci 13
27/09/2006GSValencia CF - AS Roma2-1
ValenciaAngulo 13, Villa 29; Totti 18 (P)
25/03/2004R4AS Roma - Villarreal CF2-1
agg: 2-3
RomeEmerson 10, Cassano 50; Anderson 66
11/03/2004R4Villarreal CF - AS Roma2-0
VillarrealAnderson 29, José Mari 35
UEFA Champions League
26/02/2003GS2Valencia CF - AS Roma0-3
ValenciaTotti 24, 30, Emerson 36
18/02/2003GS2AS Roma - Valencia CF0-1
RomeCarew 78
UEFA Champions League
26/02/2002GS2AS Roma - FC Barcelona3-0
RomeEmerson 61, Montella 74, Tommasi 90+2
20/02/2002GS2FC Barcelona - AS Roma1-1BarcelonaKluivert 82; Panucci 57
16/03/1999QFAS Roma - Club Atlético de Madrid1-2
agg: 2-4
RomeDelvecchio 32; Aguilera 60, Roberto 88
02/03/1999QFClub Atlético de Madrid - AS Roma2-1
MadridJosé Mari 13, Roberto 46; Di Biagio 75
07/11/1990R2AS Roma - Valencia CF2-1
agg: 3-2
RomeGiannini 36, Völler 63 (P); Fernando 80 (P)
24/10/1990R2Valencia CF - AS Roma1-1ValenciaPenev 24; Rizzitelli 72
UEFA Cup Winners' Cup
01/10/1986R1Real Zaragoza - AS Roma2-0
agg: 2-2 (aet, 4-3pens)
ZaragozaSeñor 42, 47 (P)
17/09/1986R1AS Roma - Real Zaragoza2-0
RomeDi Carlo 24, Gerolin 58

Real Madrid CF - Record versus clubs from opponents' country

UEFA Champions League
13/05/2015SFReal Madrid CF - Juventus1-1
agg: 2-3
MadridRonaldo 23 (P); Morata 57
05/05/2015SFJuventus - Real Madrid CF2-1
TurinMorata 8, Tévez 58 (P); Ronaldo 27
UEFA Champions League
05/11/2013GSJuventus - Real Madrid CF2-2TurinVidal 42 (P), Llorente 65; Ronaldo 52, Bale 60
23/10/2013GSReal Madrid CF - Juventus2-1
MadridRonaldo 4, 29 (P); Llorente 22
UEFA Champions League
03/11/2010GSAC Milan - Real Madrid CF2-2MilanF. Inzaghi 68, 78; Higuaín 45, Pedro León 90+4
19/10/2010GSReal Madrid CF - AC Milan2-0
MadridRonaldo 13, Özil 14
UEFA Champions League
03/11/2009GSAC Milan - Real Madrid CF1-1MilanRonaldinho 35 (P); Benzema 29
21/10/2009GSReal Madrid CF - AC Milan2-3
MadridRaúl González 19, Drenthe 76; Pirlo 62, Pato 66, 88
UEFA Champions League
05/11/2008GSReal Madrid CF - Juventus0-2
MadridDel Piero 17, 67
21/10/2008GSJuventus - Real Madrid CF2-1
TurinDel Piero 5, Amauri 49; Van Nistelrooy 66
UEFA Champions League
11/12/2007GSReal Madrid CF - SS Lazio3-1
MadridJúlio Baptista 13, Raúl González 15, Robinho 36; Pandev 80
03/10/2007GSSS Lazio - Real Madrid CF2-2RomePandev 32, 75; Van Nistelrooy 8, 61
UEFA Champions League
09/03/2005R16Juventus - Real Madrid CF2-0
agg 2-1 (aet)
TurinTrezeguet 75, Zalayeta 116 ET
22/02/2005R16Real Madrid CF - Juventus1-0
MadridIván Helguera 31
UEFA Champions League
14/05/2003SFJuventus - Real Madrid CF3-1
agg: 4-3
TurinTrezeguet 12, Del Piero 43, Nedvěd 73; Zidane 89
06/05/2003SFReal Madrid CF - Juventus2-1
MadridRonaldo 23, Roberto Carlos 73; Trezeguet 45
12/03/2003GS2Real Madrid CF - AC Milan3-1
MadridRaúl González 12, 57, Guti 86; Rivaldo 81
26/11/2002GS2AC Milan - Real Madrid CF1-0
MilanShevchenko 40
UEFA Champions League
21/02/2001GS2SS Lazio - Real Madrid CF2-2RomeNedvěd 4, Crespo 53; Solari 32, Raúl González 73
13/02/2001GS2Real Madrid CF - SS Lazio3-2
MadridMorientes 32, Iván Helguera 82, Luís Figo 89 (P); Crespo 4, Gottardi 84
UEFA Champions League
25/11/1998GSFC Internazionale Milano - Real Madrid CF3-1
MilanZamorano 51, R. Baggio 86, 90; Seedorf 59
16/09/1998GSReal Madrid CF - FC Internazionale Milano2-0
SevilleHierro 80 (P), Seedorf 90
UEFA Champions League
20/05/1998FJuventus - Real Madrid CF0-1
AmsterdamMijatović 66
UEFA Champions League
20/03/1996QFJuventus - Real Madrid CF2-0
agg: 2-1
TurinDel Piero 17, Padovano 54
06/03/1996QFReal Madrid CF - Juventus1-0
MadridRaúl González 20
15/04/1992SFTorino FC - Real Madrid CF2-0
agg: 3-2
TurinChendo 7 (og), Fusi 77
01/04/1992SFReal Madrid CF - Torino FC2-1
MadridHagi 61, Hierro 66; Casagrande 59
European Champions Clubs' Cup
01/11/1989R2Real Madrid CF - AC Milan1-0
agg: 1-2
MadridButragueño 45
18/10/1989R2AC Milan - Real Madrid CF2-0
MilanRijkaard 9, Van Basten 14
European Champions Clubs' Cup
19/04/1989SFAC Milan - Real Madrid CF5-0
agg: 6-1
MilanAncelotti 17, Rijkaard 24, Gullit 45, Van Basten 49, Donadoni 60
05/04/1989SFReal Madrid CF - AC Milan1-1MadridSánchez 41; Van Basten 77
European Champions Clubs' Cup
30/09/1987R1SSC Napoli - Real Madrid CF1-1
agg: 1-3
NaplesFrancini 9; Butragueño 43
16/09/1987R1Real Madrid CF - SSC Napoli2-0
MadridMíchel 19 (P), Tendillo 76
European Champions Clubs' Cup
05/11/1986R2Juventus - Real Madrid CF1-0
agg: 1-1 (aet, 1-3pens)
TurinCabrini 9
22/10/1986R2Real Madrid CF - Juventus1-0
MadridButragueño 20
16/04/1986SFReal Madrid CF - FC Internazionale Milano5-1
agg 6-4 (aet)
MadridSánchez 44 (P), 74 (P), Gordillo 62, Santillana 94 ET, 107 ET; Brady 64 (P)
02/04/1986SFFC Internazionale Milano - Real Madrid CF3-1
MilanTardelli 1, 54, Salguero 88 (og); Valdano 87
24/04/1985SFReal Madrid CF - FC Internazionale Milano3-0
agg: 3-2
MadridSantillana 12, 42, Míchel 59
10/04/1985SFFC Internazionale Milano - Real Madrid CF2-0
MilanBrady 26 (P), Altobelli 57
UEFA Cup Winners' Cup
16/03/1983QFReal Madrid CF - FC Internazionale Milano2-1
agg: 3-2
MadridSalguero 51, Santillana 56; Altobelli 21
02/03/1983QFFC Internazionale Milano - Real Madrid CF1-1MilanOriali 15; Gallego 60
European Champions Clubs' Cup
22/04/1981SFFC Internazionale Milano - Real Madrid CF1-0
agg: 1-2
MilanBini 56
08/04/1981SFReal Madrid CF - FC Internazionale Milano2-0
MadridSantillana 28, Juanito 47
European Champions Clubs' Cup
01/03/1967QFReal Madrid CF - FC Internazionale Milano0-2
agg: 0-3
MadridCappellini 23, Zoco 57 (og)
15/02/1967QFFC Internazionale Milano - Real Madrid CF1-0
MilanCappellini 54
European Champions Clubs' Cup
20/04/1966SFFC Internazionale Milano - Real Madrid CF1-1
agg: 1-2
MilanFacchetti 78; Amancio Amaro 20
13/04/1966SFReal Madrid CF - FC Internazionale Milano1-0
MadridPirri 13
European Champions Clubs' Cup
27/05/1964FFC Internazionale Milano - Real Madrid CF3-1
ViennaMazzola 43, 76, Milani 61; Felo 70
13/02/1964QFAC Milan - Real Madrid CF2-0
agg: 3-4
MilanLodetti 6, Altafini 46
29/01/1964QFReal Madrid CF - AC Milan4-1
MadridAmancio Amaro 17, Puskás 44, Di Stéfano 59, Gento 64; Lodetti 83
European Champions Clubs' Cup
28/02/1962QF (Rep)Real Madrid CF - Juventus3-1 (Rep)
ParisFelo 1, Del Sol 65, Tejada 82; Sivori 33
21/02/1962QFReal Madrid CF - Juventus0-1
agg: 1-1 ag
MadridSivori 38
14/02/1962QFJuventus - Real Madrid CF0-1
TurinDi Stéfano 79
European Champions Clubs' Cup
28/05/1958FReal Madrid CF - AC Milan3-2
BrusselsDi Stéfano 74, Rial 79, Gento 107 ET; Pepe 59, Grillo 77
European Champions Clubs' Cup
30/05/1957FReal Madrid CF - ACF Fiorentina2-0
MadridDi Stéfano 69 (P), Gento 75
European Champions Clubs' Cup
01/05/1956SFAC Milan - Real Madrid CF2-1
agg: 4-5
MilanDal Monte 69 (P), 86 (P); Iglesias 65
19/04/1956SFReal Madrid CF - AC Milan4-2
MadridRial 5, Iglesias 25, Olsen 40, Di Stéfano 62; Nordahl 9, Pepe 30
AS Roma1261512336000000002494112937
Real Madrid CF30213630481843011100652911259485

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Match background Only this chapter

The spotlight will shine on Zinédine Zidane when AS Roma host Real Madrid CF in the first leg of their UEFA Champions League round of 16 tie, with the Spanish side having lost their last eight two-legged ties against Italian opposition.

• This is the first UEFA Champions League match as Madrid coach for Zidane, the man who replaced Rafael Benítez at the helm in January – and who scored the Merengues' winning goal in the 2002 final in Glasgow.

• Roma have also changed their coach with Rudi Garcia replaced by Luciano Spalletti, who helped the Serie A side overcome Madrid last time they met in this competition.

Previous meeting
• The clubs have met eight times in UEFA competition with four wins for Madrid, three for Roma and one draw.

• The clubs met most recently in a pre-season friendly in Melbourne on 18 July last year, Benítez's first game as Madrid coach. Roma prevailed 7-6 on penalties after a 0-0 draw, Seydou Keita converting the winning kick after Morgan De Sanctis had saved from Lucas Vázquez.

• Their most recent official encounter was in the UEFA Champions League round of 16 in 2007/08 when Spalletti's Roma recorded 2-1 home and away victories.

• Then as now, the first leg was at the Stadio Olimpico and though Raúl González struck first, Roma hit back through David Pizarro and Mancini to end a run of three home defeats against the Spanish side.

• The lineups on 19 February 2008 were:
Roma: Doni, Panucci (Tonetto 67), Mexès, Juan (Ferrari 77), Cassetti, De Rossi, Pizarro (Aquilani 62), Giuly, Perrotta, Mancini, Totti.
Real Madrid: Casillas, Ramos, Cannavaro, Heinze, Torres, Diarra (Drenthe 79), Gago, Guti, Robben (Júlio Baptista 79), Van Nistelrooy, Raúl.

• Francesco Totti scored in the clubs' first encounter in the 2001/02 first group stage. His penalty could not prevent a 2-1 Madrid win in Rome, where Luís Figo and Guti were on target. Totti then struck again in a 1-1 draw back at the Santiago Bernabéu.

• In the 2002/03 first group stage, a Madrid side including Zidane won again at the Stadio Olimpico (3-0) but Totti got the only goal as Roma turned the tables in the Spanish capital.

• Daniele De Rossi opened the scoring when Madrid beat Roma 4-2 at home in the 2004/05 group stage and they won the return in Rome too (3-0) in the last of Zidane's 14 career appearances against the Giallorossi (W7 D5 L2).

Match background

• Roma are looking to reach the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals for the first time since 2008.

• They qualified for the last 16 as Group E runners-up behind FC Barcelona, despite winning only one game (3-2 at home v Bayer 04 Leverkusen).

©AFP/Getty Images

Roma won just once in the group stage

• The Giallorossi lost 6-1 at Barcelona on 24 November and have the worst defensive record of the 16 sides to qualify for the knockout stage (16 goals conceded).

Roma held Barcelona 1-1 at the Stadio Olimpico on matchday one, leaving them with the following home record against Liga sides: W6 D1 L5.

• Roma's record in two-legged ties against Spanish teams is W2 L3.

Real Madrid
• After winning Group A, Madrid are now pursuing a sixth successive quarter-final appearance.

• The ten-time European champions were one of only two sides to progress undefeated from the group stage (W2 D1 away from home).

• Madrid lost 2-1 at Juventus on their last visit to Italy in last season's UEFA Champions League semi-final, en route to a 3-2 aggregate defeat.

• Madrid have won none of their last eight away matches against Italian sides (D4, L4).

• Madrid have lost their last eight two-legged knockout ties against Serie A opposition. Their last victory was in the 1987/88 European Champion Clubs' Cup first round against SSC Napoli (aggregate 3-1). Emilio Butragueño, now a club director, scored in the 1-1 second-leg draw in Naples.

Zidane: What the anthem means to me

Coach and player links
• Zidane spent five seasons in Italy with Juventus (1996–2001), winning two Serie A titles. His combined record against Roma at the Stadio Olimpico as a player with Juventus and Madrid was W3 D3 L1.

• Zidane faced Totti in the UEFA EURO 2000 final which France won 2-1 after extra time. They met again in the 2006 FIFA World Cup final when Zidane scored France's goal with a penalty but was sent off in extra time. De Rossi also played and converted a penalty in Italy's 5-3 shoot-out triumph.

• De Rossi missed a spot kick in Italy's shoot-out defeat by Sergio Ramos’s Spain in the UEFA EURO 2008 quarter-finals. De Rossi featured again when the Azzurri lost 4-0 to a Spain side featuring both Ramos and Álvaro Arbeloa in the UEFA EURO 2012 final.

• Keita played in Spain for Sevilla, Barcelona and Valencia. With Barcelona (2008–12), he featured in their 2009 and 2011 UEFA Champions League final triumphs as well as the 2011 semi-final success against Madrid. His overall record against Madrid in Spain was W11 D4 L2. His one goal against them came in Sevilla's 2-0 home Liga victory in November 2007.

©Getty Images

• Cristiano Ronaldo helped Manchester United FC to back-to-back UEFA Champions League quarter-final wins over Roma (2007, 2008). In 2007 he struck twice in a 7-1 Old Trafford rout of the Giallorossi – in which De Rossi got Roma's goal – and the next year scored in a 2-1 away win.

• Gareth Bale faced Maicon when his Tottenham Hotspur FC side took on the Brazilian's FC Internazionale Milano in the 2010/11 group stage. Bale got a hat-trick in a 4-3 away defeat and then helped Spurs win 3-1 at home.

• James Rodríguez and Gervinho both scored when Colombia defeated Ivory Coast 2-1 in the group stage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

• Iago Falque began his career at Barcelona but played just one league game for their B team before spells at UD Almería and Rayo Vallecano.

• Edin Džeko scored the opening goal in Manchester City FC's 3-2 group stage defeat at Madrid in 2012/13.

• De Sanctis played for Sevilla in 2007/08, while Diego Perotti represented the Andalusian club between 2009 and 2013.

• As an Inter player, Mateo Kovačić appeared at the Stadio Olimpico in a 4-2 loss to Roma in November 2014.

• Players who have played together:
Morgan De Sanctis & Zinédine Zidane (Juventus, 1997–99)
Lucas Digne & Raphaël Varane, Karim Benzema (France)
Antonio Rüdiger & Toni Kroos (Germany)
Maicon & Marcelo, Casemiro, Danilo (Brazil)

Match facts

• De Rossi and Radja Nainggolan are a booking away from a suspension. 

• Roma have lost just one of their last 13 games in all competitions, drawing seven of them, a sequence dating back to early December.

• The Olimpico outfit have won their last four matches, their best run of the campaign.

• Džeko's goal in the 3-1 success at Carpi FC 1909 on Friday was his first since 24 November.

• The Giallorossi parted company with Rudi Garcia on 13 January. Luciano Spalletti returned to the club to begin his second spell as Roma coach the following day.

• January signing Stephan El Shaarawy scored on his Roma debut, the 3-1 home victory over Frosinone Calcio, and struck again in the 2-0 success at US Sassuolo Calcio three days later.

• Fellow new arrival Perotti, set up by El Shaarawy, opened his Roma account during the 2-1 defeat of UC Sampdoria on 7 February.

• With eight Serie A goals to his name, Roma's top scorer Miralem Pjanić is enjoying the most productive season of his career.

• Alessandro Florenzi's long-range strike against Barcelona on matchday one was voted by users as the best goal of the 2015/16 UEFA Champions League group stage.

UEFA Champions League squad changes
• In: Stephan El Shaarawy (AC Milan, loan), Ervin Zukanović (Sampdoria, loan), Diego Perotti (Genoa CFC, loan)
• Out: Juan Iturbe (AFC Bournemouth, loan), Gervinho (Hebei China Fortune FC)

Real Madrid
• Casemiro will incur a suspension with his next yellow card.

• Real Madrid are undefeated in nine games, six of which have come under Zidane.

• Zidane succeeded Benítez as coach on 4 January with the Whites third in the Liga, four points adrift of then leaders Atlético Madrid.

• Madrid have scored 20 goals and conceded three in Zidane's four home fixtures in charge. On Saturday, the Merengues had Raphaël Varane sent off late on as they defeated visitors Athletic Club 4-2.

• Luka Modrić's late winner in the 2-1 victory over Granada CF on 7 February was his first Liga goal since 27 September 2014.

• Benzema has scored 16 goals in his past 12 outings in all competitions, including two hat-tricks, and had found the net in each of his last six games until he drew a blank on Saturday.

• Ronaldo, on target twice at the weekend, has 19 goals in his last 14 matches in all competitions.

• Marcelo (shoulder), Pepe (foot) and Bale (calf) are rated doubtful to face Roma.

UEFA Champions League squad changes
• In: Mariano Díaz Mejía, José Carlos Lazo (B list), Philipp Lienhart, Alvaro Tejero Sacristán (B list)
• Out: Abner, Denis Cheryshev (Valencia CF, loan)



Squad list Only this chapter

AS Roma - Squad list
Current seasonAll-time
25Wojciech SzczęsnyPOL18/04/199025 - --6-21-29-35-
26Morgan De SanctisITA26/03/197738 - --1-4-20-54-
2Antonio RüdigerGER03/03/199322 - --5-1815-13-
3Lucas DigneFRA20/07/199322 - --6-21214-161
5Leandro CastánBRA05/11/198629 - ----5---31
13MaiconBRA26/07/198134 - --2-101595706
35Vasilis TorosidisGRE10/06/198530 - --4111-283495
44Kostas ManolasGRE14/06/199124 - --6-241252434
87Ervin ZukanovicBIH11/02/198729 - ----3---2-
4Radja NainggolanBEL04/05/198827 - --6-23212-15-
15Miralem PjanićBIH02/04/199025 - --52228327408
16Daniele De RossiITA24/07/198332 - --521814667510
20Seydou KeitaMLI16/01/198036 - --2-11-6151108
21William VainqueurFRA19/11/198827 - --2-15-2-29-
24Alessandro FlorenziITA11/03/199124 - --61225121151
48Salih UçanTUR06/01/199422 - --2-3-2-91
8Diego PerottiARG26/07/198827 - ----3161265
9Edin DžekoBIH17/03/198629 - --522043595917
10Francesco TottiITA27/09/197639 - ----5155179538
11Mohamed SalahEGY15/06/199223 - --51217133419
14Iago FalquéESP04/01/199026 - --5118251121
22Stephan El ShaarawyITA27/10/199223 - ----42112226
-Luciano SpallettiITA07/03/195956 - ------49-94-
Real Madrid CF - Squad list
Current seasonAll-time
1Keylor NavasCRC15/12/198629 - --4-22-6-18-
13Kiko CasillaESP02/10/198629 - --2-2-2-2-
31Rubén YáñezESP12/10/199322 - ----------
42Alexandro CraninxBEL21/10/199520 - ----------
2Raphaël VaraneFRA25/04/199322 - --5-18-39-39-
3PepePOR26/02/198332 - --3-13-803823
4Sergio RamosESP30/03/198629 - --3-141858929
6NachoESP18/01/199026 - --5110-151151
12MarceloBRA12/05/198827 - --4-202605615
15Dani CarvajalESP11/01/199224 - --3114-181211
17Álvaro ArbeloaESP17/01/198333 - --2-3-683723
23DaniloBRA15/07/199124 - --4-152251341
32Philipp LienhartAUT11/07/199619 - ----------
34Álvaro TejeroESP20/07/199619 - ----------
8Toni KroosGER04/01/199026 - --5-221586687
10James RodríguezCOL12/07/199124 - --1-155243364
11Gareth BaleWAL16/07/198926 - --2-151333125616
14CasemiroBRA23/02/199223 - --5-13-191211
16Mateo KovačićCRO06/05/199421 - --5117-172375
18Lucas VázquezESP01/07/199124 - --3-1313-3-
19Luka ModrićCRO09/09/198530 - --51231414679
22IscoESP21/04/199223 - --6-191396426
27Martin ØdegaardNOR17/12/199817 - --------1-
28Marcos LlorenteESP30/01/199521 - ----2-----
33José Carlos LazoESP16/02/199619 - ----------
7Cristiano RonaldoPOR05/02/198531 - --61124211218812891
9Karim BenzemaFRA19/12/198728 - --44191977467846
20JeséESP26/02/199322 - --3-14211-11-
29Borja MayoralESP05/04/199718 - ----1-----
36Mariano DíazESP01/08/199322 - ----------
-Zinedine ZidaneFRA23/06/197243 - ----------

Last updated 15/02/2016 14:23CET

Head coach Only this chapter

AS Roma: Luciano Spalletti

Date of birth: 7 March 1959
Nationality: Italian
Playing career: AC Entella Chiavari 1914, Spezia Calcio 1906, FC Esperia Viareggio, Empoli FC
Coaching career: Empoli FC, UC Sampdoria, Venezia Calcio, Udinese Calcio (twice), Ancona Calcio, AS Roma (twice), FC Zenit

• An industrious midfielder in his playing days, he started his coaching career in 1993/94 with former club Empoli and enjoyed immediate success with successive promotions. After a good first campaign in the top flight, Spalletti left to join Sampdoria but was sacked 28 games into the 1998/99 season.

• Had brief stays at Venezia, Udinese and Ancona but returned to Udinese in summer 2002, steering them to sixth and seventh-placed finishes before guiding them into the UEFA Champions League for the first time in 2004/05. This success persuaded Roma to approach Spalletti, and he signed a two-year contract.

• In 2005/06 Roma set a then-record of consecutive Serie A wins (11) and finished fifth, with Spalletti subsequently named Serie A coach of the year. Guided the Giallorossi to Coppa Italia success in 2007 and 2008 and two UEFA Champions League quarter-finals. He resigned in September 2009 and joined Zenit three months later.

• Soon after he delivered their first Russian Cup in 11 years, followed by league titles in 2010 and in the transitional 2011/12 campaign. Zenit reached the UEFA Champions League knockout stages for only the second time in 2013/14, but Spalletti left his post between the round of 16 first and second legs.

• Was out of work until January 2016, when he returned to Roma following Rudi Garcia's departure.



Real Madrid CF: Zinédine Zidane

Date of birth: 23 June 1972
Nationality: French
Playing career: AS Cannes, FC Girondins de Bordeaux, Juventus, Real Madrid CF
Coaching career: Real Madrid CF

• Born in Marseille to Algerian immigrant parents, Zidane took his first steps towards footballing superstardom at Cannes, transferring to Bordeaux in 1992. Blossomed into a French international, scoring twice on his debut against the Czech Republic in August 1994.

• Left Bordeaux after helping them reach the 1996 UEFA Cup final and joined Juventus, where he was a Serie A winner and UEFA Champions League runner-up in each of his first two seasons. Lifted no further trophies, however, in his last three campaigns in Turin prior to a then world-record €78m switch to Madrid in 2001.

• Made up for a lack of club silverware by inspiring France to 1998 FIFA World Cup glory – scoring two headers in the Saint-Denis final against Brazil – and at UEFA EURO 2000, where he was player of the tournament; winner of the Ballon d'Or in 1998, he was also voted FIFA World Player of the Year in 1998, 2000 and 2003.

• Made it third time lucky in the UEFA Champions League final by hitting a spectacular volleyed winner in Madrid's 2-1 victory over Bayer 04 Leverkusen in the 2002 showpiece at Hampden Park. Landed the UEFA Super Cup, European/South American Cup and Spanish Liga the following season.

• Announced his international retirement after UEFA EURO 2004 yet returned a year later and proved inspirational at the 2006 World Cup – especially with a virtuoso display in a quarter-final triumph over holders Brazil; however, was dismissed for a headbutt on Marco Materazzi in the final against Italy – the last match of his career.

• Stayed at Madrid in an advisory role, becoming assistant to Carlo Ancelotti in 2013/14 – the season the club claimed their tenth European title. Took charge of Real Madrid Castilla for the next campaign, and in January 2016 succeeded Rafael Benítez as head coach.



Match officials Only this chapter

  • RefereePavel Královec (CZE)
  • Assistant refereesRoman Slyško (SVK) , Martin Wilczek (CZE)
  • Additional assistant refereesPetr Ardeleanu (CZE) , Michal Paták (CZE)
  • Fourth officialTomáš Mokrusch (CZE)
  • UEFA DelegateJānis Mežeckis (LVA)
  • UEFA Referee observerKyros Vassaras (GRE)


NameDate of birthUEFA Champions League matchesUEFA matches
Pavel Královec16/08/19772378

Pavel Královec

Referee since: 1993
First division: 2002
FIFA badge: 2003

Tournaments: 2012 Olympic Games, 2011 FIFA U-17 World Cup, 2007 UEFA European Under-19 Championship, 2005 UEFA European Under-17 Championship


UEFA Champions League matches involving teams from the two countries involved in this match

18/10/2011UCLGSManchester City FCVillarreal CF2-1Manchester
04/12/2012UCLGSReal Madrid CFAFC Ajax4-1Madrid
26/11/2013UCLGSAFC AjaxFC Barcelona2-1Amsterdam
25/02/2015UCLR16Bayer 04 LeverkusenClub Atlético de Madrid1-0Leverkusen
14/04/2015UCLQFJuventusAS Monaco FC1-0Turin
15/09/2015UCLGSSevilla FCVfL Borussia Mönchengladbach3-0Seville

Other matches involving teams from either of the two countries involved in this match

14/05/2005U173rdPOItalyCroatia2-1Santa Croce Sull'Arno
30/08/2007UEL2QRUC SampdoriaHNK Hajduk Split1-1Genoa
02/10/2008UELR1RC Deportivo La CoruñaSK Brann2-0La Coruna
27/11/2008UELGSParis Saint-GermainReal Racing Club2-2Paris
16/09/2010UELGSGNK Dinamo ZagrebVillarreal CF2-0Zagreb
15/12/2010UELGSSSC NapoliFC Steaua Bucureşti1-0Naples
18/10/2011UCLGSManchester City FCVillarreal CF2-1Manchester
16/02/2012UELR32SS LazioClub Atlético de Madrid1-3Rome
05/04/2012UELQFValencia CFAZ Alkmaar4-0Valencia
04/12/2012UCLGSReal Madrid CFAFC Ajax4-1Madrid
11/04/2013UELQFSS LazioFenerbahçe SK1-1Rome
26/11/2013UCLGSAFC AjaxFC Barcelona2-1Amsterdam
27/02/2014UELR32Trabzonspor AŞJuventus0-2Trabzon
13/03/2014UELR16FC PortoSSC Napoli1-0Porto
25/02/2015UCLR16Bayer 04 LeverkusenClub Atlético de Madrid1-0Leverkusen
14/04/2015UCLQFJuventusAS Monaco FC1-0Turin
15/09/2015UCLGSSevilla FCVfL Borussia Mönchengladbach3-0Seville

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Fixtures and results Only this chapter

AS RomaFixtures and results
22/08/2015LeagueHellas Verona FC (A)D 1-1Florenzi 66
30/08/2015LeagueJuventus (H)W 2-1Pjanić 61, Džeko 79
12/09/2015LeagueFrosinone Calcio (A)W 2-0Falqué 44, Iturbe 90+3
16/09/2015UCLFC Barcelona (H)D 1-1Florenzi 31
20/09/2015LeagueUS Sassuolo Calcio (H)D 2-2Totti 36, Salah 49
23/09/2015LeagueUC Sampdoria (A)L 1-2Salah 69
26/09/2015LeagueCarpi FC 1909 (H)W 5-1Manolas 24, Pjanić 28, Gervinho 31, Salah 51, Digne 68
29/09/2015UCLFC BATE Borisov (A)L 2-3Gervinho 66, Torosidis 82
04/10/2015LeagueUS Città di Palermo (A)W 4-2Pjanić 2, Florenzi 13, Gervinho 27, 90+2
17/10/2015LeagueEmpoli FC (H)W 3-1Pjanić 56, De Rossi 59, Salah 69
20/10/2015UCLBayer 04 Leverkusen (A)D 4-4De Rossi 29, 38, Pjanić 54, Falqué 73
25/10/2015LeagueACF Fiorentina (A)W 2-1Salah 6, Gervinho 34
28/10/2015LeagueUdinese Calcio (H)W 3-1Pjanić 4, Maicon 9, Gervinho 63
31/10/2015LeagueFC Internazionale Milano (A)L 0-1
04/11/2015UCLBayer 04 Leverkusen (H)W 3-2Salah 2, Džeko 29, Pjanić 80 (P)
08/11/2015LeagueSS Lazio (H)W 2-0Džeko 10 (P), Gervinho 62
21/11/2015LeagueBologna FC (A)D 2-2Pjanić 52 (P), Džeko 72 (P)
24/11/2015UCLFC Barcelona (A)L 1-6Džeko 90+1
29/11/2015LeagueAtalanta BC (H)L 0-2
05/12/2015LeagueTorino FC (A)D 1-1Pjanić 83
09/12/2015UCLFC BATE Borisov (H)D 0-0
13/12/2015LeagueSSC Napoli (A)D 0-0
16/12/2015CupSpezia (H)D 0-0 (aet, 2-4 pens)
20/12/2015LeagueGenoa CFC (H)W 2-0Florenzi 42, Umar 89
06/01/2016LeagueAC Chievo Verona (A)D 3-3Umar 7, Florenzi 37, Falqué 71
09/01/2016LeagueAC Milan (H)D 1-1Rüdiger 4
17/01/2016LeagueHellas Verona FC (H)D 1-1Nainggolan 41
24/01/2016LeagueJuventus (A)L 0-1
30/01/2016LeagueFrosinone Calcio (H)W 3-1Nainggolan 18, El Shaarawy 48, Pjanić 84
02/02/2016LeagueUS Sassuolo Calcio (A)W 2-0Salah 11, El Shaarawy 90+4
07/02/2016LeagueUC Sampdoria (H)W 2-1Florenzi 45, Perotti 50
12/02/2016LeagueCarpi FC 1909 (A)W 3-1Digne 56, Džeko 84, Salah 85
17/02/2016UCLReal Madrid CF (H)
21/02/2016LeagueUS Città di Palermo (H)
27/02/2016LeagueEmpoli FC (A)
04/03/2016LeagueACF Fiorentina (H)
08/03/2016UCLReal Madrid CF (A)
13/03/2016LeagueUdinese Calcio (A)
19/03/2016LeagueFC Internazionale Milano (H)
03/04/2016LeagueSS Lazio (A)
10/04/2016LeagueBologna FC (H)
17/04/2016LeagueAtalanta BC (A)
20/04/2016LeagueTorino FC (H)
24/04/2016LeagueSSC Napoli (H)
01/05/2016LeagueGenoa CFC (A)
08/05/2016LeagueAC Chievo Verona (H)
15/05/2016LeagueAC Milan (A)
2SSC Napoli251753532056
3ACF Fiorentina251546442449
4AS Roma251384472747
5FC Internazionale Milano251366312245
6AC Milan251276372743
7SS Lazio251069343436
8US Sassuolo Calcio258116292935
9Empoli FC25979303434
10Bologna FC2510312293133
11AC Chievo Verona258710303331
12Torino FC258710333331
13Atalanta BC257810232729
14Udinese Calcio257612213827
15US Città di Palermo257513274226
16Genoa CFC256712253025
17UC Sampdoria256712364325
18Frosinone Calcio256415265122
19Carpi FC 1909254714234319
20Hellas Verona FC2511212214215
Real Madrid CFFixtures and results
23/08/2015LeagueReal Sporting de Gijón (A)D 0-0
29/08/2015LeagueReal Betis Balompié (H)W 5-0Bale 2, 89, James Rodríguez 39, 50, Benzema 47
12/09/2015LeagueRCD Espanyol (A)W 6-0Ronaldo 7, 17 (P), 20, 61, 81, Benzema 28
15/09/2015UCLFC Shakhtar Donetsk (H)W 4-0Benzema 30, Ronaldo 55 (P), 63 (P), 81
19/09/2015LeagueGranada CF (H)W 1-0Benzema 55
23/09/2015LeagueAthletic Club (A)W 2-1Benzema 19, 70
26/09/2015LeagueMálaga CF (H)D 0-0
30/09/2015UCLMalmö FF (A)W 2-0Ronaldo 29, 90
04/10/2015LeagueClub Atlético de Madrid (A)D 1-1Benzema 9
17/10/2015LeagueLevante UD (H)W 3-0Marcelo 27, Ronaldo 30, Jesé 81
21/10/2015UCLParis Saint-Germain (A)D 0-0
24/10/2015LeagueRC Celta de Vigo (A)W 3-1Ronaldo 8, Danilo 23, Marcelo 90+5
31/10/2015LeagueUD Las Palmas (H)W 3-1Isco 4, Ronaldo 14, Jesé 43
03/11/2015UCLParis Saint-Germain (H)W 1-0Nacho 35
08/11/2015LeagueSevilla FC (A)L 2-3Ramos 22, James Rodríguez 90+3
21/11/2015LeagueFC Barcelona (H)L 0-4
25/11/2015UCLFC Shakhtar Donetsk (A)W 4-3Ronaldo 18, 70, Modrić 50, Carvajal 52
29/11/2015LeagueSD Eibar (A)W 2-0Bale 43, Ronaldo 82 (P)
02/12/2015CupCádiz CF (A)W 3-1Cheryshev 3, Isco 65, 74
05/12/2015LeagueGetafe CF (H)W 4-1Benzema 4, 16, Bale 35, Ronaldo 38
08/12/2015UCLMalmö FF (H)W 8-0Benzema 12, 24, 74, Ronaldo 39, 47, 50, 59, Kovačić 70
13/12/2015LeagueVillarreal CF (A)L 0-1
20/12/2015LeagueRayo Vallecano de Madrid (H)W 10-2Danilo 3, Bale 25, 41, 61, 70, Ronaldo 30 (P), 53, Benzema 48, 79, 90
30/12/2015LeagueReal Sociedad de Fútbol (H)W 3-1Ronaldo 42 (P), 67, Lucas Vázquez 86
03/01/2016LeagueValencia CF (A)D 2-2Benzema 16, Bale 82
09/01/2016LeagueRC Deportivo La Coruña (H)W 5-0Benzema 15, 90+1, Bale 22, 49, 63
17/01/2016LeagueReal Sporting de Gijón (H)W 5-1Bale 7, Ronaldo 9, 18, Benzema 12, 41
24/01/2016LeagueReal Betis Balompié (A)D 1-1Benzema 71
31/01/2016LeagueRCD Espanyol (H)W 6-0Benzema 7, Ronaldo 12 (P), 45, 82, James Rodríguez 16, Duarte 86 (og)
07/02/2016LeagueGranada CF (A)W 2-1Benzema 30, Modrić 85
13/02/2016LeagueAthletic Club (H)W 4-2Ronaldo 3, 87, James Rodríguez 37, Kroos 45
17/02/2016UCLAS Roma (A)
21/02/2016LeagueMálaga CF (A)
27/02/2016LeagueClub Atlético de Madrid (H)
02/03/2016LeagueLevante UD (A)
05/03/2016LeagueRC Celta de Vigo (H)
08/03/2016UCLAS Roma (H)
13/03/2016LeagueUD Las Palmas (A)
20/03/2016LeagueSevilla FC (H)
03/04/2016LeagueFC Barcelona (A)
10/04/2016LeagueSD Eibar (H)
17/04/2016LeagueGetafe CF (A)
20/04/2016LeagueVillarreal CF (H)
24/04/2016LeagueRayo Vallecano de Madrid (A)
01/05/2016LeagueReal Sociedad de Fútbol (A)
08/05/2016LeagueValencia CF (H)
15/05/2016LeagueRC Deportivo La Coruña (A)
1FC Barcelona231832621857
2Club Atlético de Madrid241734351154
3Real Madrid CF241653702353
4Villarreal CF241464301848
5Sevilla FC241176342440
6SD Eibar241068383136
7Athletic Club241059353435
8RC Celta de Vigo241059354235
9RC Deportivo La Coruña246144333032
10Real Sociedad de Fútbol248610343430
11Málaga CF248610212130
12Valencia CF246108282528
13Getafe CF247512263626
14Real Betis Balompié246810183326
15Rayo Vallecano de Madrid246612324924
16Real Sporting de Gijón236512263823
17RCD Espanyol246414214822
18UD Las Palmas245613233821
19Granada CF245514254920
20Levante UD244515214517

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Match-by-match lineups Only this chapter

AS Roma

  • UEFA Champions League - Group stage
    Group E - Group Standings
    FC Barcelona642015414
    AS Roma613211166
    Bayer 04 Leverkusen613213126
    FC BATE Borisov61235125
    Matchday 1 (16/09/2015)
    AS Roma 1-1 FC Barcelona
    0-1 Suárez 21, 1-1 Florenzi 31
    Szczęsny (50 De Sanctis), Rüdiger, Digne, Nainggolan, Džeko, Salah, Falqué (81 Iturbe), De Rossi, Keita, Florenzi (85 Torosidis), Manolas
  • Matchday 2 (29/09/2015)
    FC BATE Borisov 3-2 AS Roma
    1-0 Stasevich 8, 2-0 Mladenović 12, 3-0 Mladenović 30, 3-1 Gervinho 66, 3-2 Torosidis 82
    Szczęsny, Digne, Nainggolan, Iturbe (46 Torosidis), Salah, Pjanić, De Rossi, Vainqueur (39 Falqué), Florenzi (92 Soleri), Gervinho, Manolas
  • Matchday 3 (20/10/2015)
    Bayer 04 Leverkusen 4-4 AS Roma
    1-0 Hernández 4 (P) , 2-0 Hernández 19, 2-1 De Rossi 29, 2-2 De Rossi 38, 2-3 Pjanić 54, 2-4 Falqué 73, 3-4 Kampl 84, 4-4 Mehmedi 86
    Szczęsny, Rüdiger, Digne, Nainggolan, Salah (62 Falqué), Pjanić, De Rossi, Florenzi (90 Iturbe), Gervinho (85 Džeko), Torosidis, Manolas
  • Matchday 4 (04/11/2015)
    AS Roma 3-2 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
    1-0 Salah 2, 2-0 Džeko 29, 2-1 Mehmedi 46, 2-2 Hernández 51, 3-2 Pjanić 80 (P)
    Szczęsny, Rüdiger, Digne, Nainggolan, Džeko, Salah, Pjanić, De Rossi, Florenzi (56 Maicon), Gervinho (68 Iturbe), Manolas
  • Matchday 5 (24/11/2015)
    FC Barcelona 6-1 AS Roma
    1-0 Suárez 15, 2-0 Messi 18, 3-0 Suárez 44, 4-0 Piqué 56, 5-0 Messi 60, 6-0 Adriano 77, 6-1 Džeko 90+1
    Szczęsny, Rüdiger, Digne, Nainggolan (46 Iturbe), Džeko, Maicon, Falqué, Pjanić (75 Salih Uçan), Keita, Florenzi (58 Vainqueur), Manolas
  • Matchday 6 (09/12/2015)
    AS Roma 0-0 FC BATE Borisov
    Szczęsny, Rüdiger, Digne, Nainggolan, Iturbe (59 Salah), Džeko, Falqué (83 Salih Uçan), Pjanić, De Rossi, Florenzi, Manolas
  • Round of 16
    Matchday 7 (17/02/2016)
    AS Roma-Real Madrid CF
  • Matchday 8 (08/03/2016)
    Real Madrid CF-AS Roma

Real Madrid CF

  • UEFA Champions League - Group stage
    Group A - Group Standings
    Real Madrid CF651019316
    Paris Saint-Germain641112113
    FC Shakhtar Donetsk61057143
    Malmö FF61051213
    Matchday 1 (15/09/2015)
    Real Madrid CF 4-0 FC Shakhtar Donetsk
    1-0 Benzema 30, 2-0 Ronaldo 55 (P) , 3-0 Ronaldo 63 (P) , 4-0 Ronaldo 81
    Navas, Varane (46 Pepe), Ramos (59 Nacho), Ronaldo, Kroos, Benzema, Bale (31 Kovačić), Marcelo, Carvajal, Modrić, Isco
  • Matchday 2 (30/09/2015)
    Malmö FF 0-2 Real Madrid CF
    0-1 Ronaldo 29, 0-2 Ronaldo 90
    Navas, Varane, Nacho, Ronaldo, Kroos, Benzema (67 Modrić), Casemiro, Carvajal, Kovačić (73 Lucas Vázquez), Arbeloa, Isco (83 Cheryshev)
  • Matchday 3 (21/10/2015)
    Paris Saint-Germain 0-0 Real Madrid CF
    Navas, Varane, Ramos, Ronaldo, Kroos, Marcelo, Casemiro, Lucas Vázquez, Jesé (73 Cheryshev), Isco (69 Modrić), Danilo
  • Matchday 4 (03/11/2015)
    Real Madrid CF 1-0 Paris Saint-Germain
    1-0 Nacho 35
    Navas, Varane, Ramos, Ronaldo, Kroos, Marcelo (33 Nacho), Casemiro, Modrić, Jesé (63 Lucas Vázquez), Isco (82 Kovačić), Danilo
  • Matchday 5 (25/11/2015)
    FC Shakhtar Donetsk 3-4 Real Madrid CF
    0-1 Ronaldo 18, 0-2 Modrić 50, 0-3 Carvajal 52, 0-4 Ronaldo 70, 1-4 Alex Teixeira 77 (P) , 2-4 Dentinho 83, 3-4 Alex Teixeira 88
    Casilla, Varane (32 Danilo), Pepe, Nacho, Ronaldo, Bale (71 Benzema), Casemiro, Carvajal, Kovačić, Modrić (62 Kroos), Isco
  • Matchday 6 (08/12/2015)
    Real Madrid CF 8-0 Malmö FF
    1-0 Benzema 12, 2-0 Benzema 24, 3-0 Ronaldo 39, 4-0 Ronaldo 47, 5-0 Ronaldo 50, 6-0 Ronaldo 59, 7-0 Kovačić 70, 8-0 Benzema 74
    Casilla, Pepe (53 Marcelo), Nacho, Ronaldo, Benzema, James Rodríguez (65 Jesé), Casemiro, Kovačić (76 Cheryshev), Arbeloa, Isco, Danilo
  • Round of 16
    Matchday 7 (17/02/2016)
    AS Roma-Real Madrid CF
  • Matchday 8 (08/03/2016)
    Real Madrid CF-AS Roma

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Competition facts Only this chapter

UEFA Champions League: Did you know?

• In 2012/13, Chelsea became the first defending champions to fail to get through a group stage since the UEFA Champions League began. (This record, like the others, includes the seasons between 1999/2000 and 2002/03 that featured a second group stage). In 1992/93, Barcelona were the reigning European Champion Clubs' Cup holders and lost 4-3 on aggregate in the second round to CSKA Moskva.

• No team has successfully defended the UEFA Champions League trophy with Milan (1989, 1990) the last club to win consecutive European Cups. Milan (1994, 1995), Ajax (1995, 1996), Juventus (1996, 1997) and Manchester United (2008, 2009) have all returned to the UEFA Champions League final as holders only to lose.

• Lazio goalkeeper Marco Ballotta is the oldest player to compete in the UEFA Champions League having featured against Real Madrid on matchday six in 2007/08 aged 43 years and 252 days. Alessandro Costacurta is the oldest outfield player; the Milan defender was 40 years and 211 days when he played against AEK Athens in 2006/07.

• Francesco Totti is the oldest player to score in the competition, aged 38 years and 59 days, in Roma's 1-1 draw at CSKA Moskva on 25 November 2014. Ryan Giggs (37 years 290 days) was the previous record holder.

• Celestine Babayaro is the youngest player to have appeared; he was 16 years and 87 days when he started for Anderlecht against Steaua Bucureşti on 23 November 1994. He was sent off in the 37th minute.

• Peter Ofori-Quaye is the youngest player to have scored in the UEFA Champions League, aged 17 years and 195 days. He found the net in Olympiacos's 5-1 defeat at Rosenborg on 1 October 1997.

• Lionel Messi became the first player to score five goals in a match in Barcelona's 7-1 win against Bayer Leverkusen on 7 March 2012, a feat matched by Shakhtar Donetsk's Luiz Adriano at BATE Borisov on 21 October 2014. Ten more players, also including Messi, have scored four times in a game, most recently Zlatan Ibrahimović for Paris Saint-Germain on matchday three in 2013/14.

• Cristiano Ronaldo set a new record for a UEFA Champions League stage with nine goals in 2013/14, which Luiz Adriano matched in 2014/15. Zlatan Ibrahimović (2013/14), Ruud van Nistelrooy (2004/05), Filippo Inzaghi and Hernán Crespo (both 2002/03) managed eight.

• Barcelona have finished as group winners on 17 occasions, two more than Real Madrid and three more than Manchester United and FC Bayern München.

• Bayern München (2 April 2013 to 27 November 2013) and Real Madrid (23 April 2014 to 18 February 2015) jointly hold the record for successive wins in the UEFA Champions League proper with ten. Bayern surpassed the previous mark of nine, set by Barcelona between 18 September 2002 and 18 February 2003. Anderlecht's 12 straight defeats (10 December 2003 to 23 November 2005) is also a competition record.

• Six teams have recorded six successive victories in a UEFA Champions League group stage: Milan (1992/93), Paris Saint-Germain (1994/95),  Spartak Moskva (1995/96), Barcelona (2002/03, first group stage) and Real Madrid (2011/12 and 2014/15).

• Sixteen teams have gone through a UEFA Champions League group stage without picking up a single point, most recently Marseille in 2013/14.

• Real Madrid scored 20 goals in the 2013/14 group stage, equalling the competition record held jointly by Manchester United (1998/99) and Barcelona (2011/12). Barcelona scored 19 times in the 1999/2000 first group stage, a tally matched by Real Madrid in 2011/12.

• Only Deportivo La Coruña (2004/05) and Maccabi Haifa (2009/10) have failed to score in a group stage.

• BATE Borisov conceded 24 goals in 2014/15, a new record. The previous mark, 22, was held by Dinamo Zagreb (2011/12) and Nordsjælland (2012/13). The next highest total is 19, shared by Galatasaray (2014/15), Žilina (2010/11), Debrecen (2009/10), Dynamo Kyiv (2007/08) and Ferencváros (1995/96).

• No team has ever gone through a UEFA Champions League group stage without conceding a goal. Milan (1992/93), Ajax (1995/96), Juventus (1996/97 and 2004/05), Chelsea (2005/06), Liverpool (2005/06), Villarreal (2005/06), Manchester United (2010/11) and Monaco (2014/15) all let in just one.

• Before their 3-1 win against Sporting Clube de Portugal on matchday six of the 2006/07 campaign, Spartak Moskva went 22 games without a victory in the competition, a mark Steaua Bucureşti surpassed on matchday six in 2013/14.

• The lowest total for a team qualifying from the group stage is six points: Zenit in 2013/14. Since three points for a win was introduced in 1995/96, eight teams have made it through with seven points: Legia Warszawa (1995/96), Dynamo Kyiv (1999/2000), Liverpool (2001/02), Lokomotiv Moskva and eventual finalists Juventus (both 2002/03), Rangers and  Werder Bremen (2005/06) and Basel 1893 (2014/15).

• Napoli failed to qualify from their group with 12 points in 2013/14, the highest total of any team not to reach the next stage when the top two in each section progressed. Dynamo Kyiv (1999/2000), Borussia Dortmund (2002/03 – both second group stage), PSV Eindhoven (2003/04), Olympiacos and Dynamo Kyiv (both 2004/05), Werder Bremen (2006/07), Manchester City (2011/12), Chelsea and CFR 1907 Cluj (both 2012/13) and Benfica (2013/14) all missed out with ten points.

• Only two teams have ever won the UEFA Champions League on home soil: Borussia Dortmund (1997, final in Munich) and Juventus (1996, final in Rome), while Manchester United lost the 2011 final in London and 12 months later Bayern were beaten in the showpiece in their own stadium, the Fußball Arena München.



Team facts Only this chapter

AS Roma
Nickname: Giallorossi (Red and Yellows)

UEFA club competition honours (runners-up in brackets)
• European Champion Clubs' Cup: (1984)
• UEFA Cup: (1991)

Domestic honours (most recent triumph in brackets)
League title: 3 (2001)
Italian Cup: 9 (2008)

Ten-year European record (UEFA Champions League unless indicated otherwise)
UEFA Europa League round of 16 (having transferred from UEFA Champions League group stage)
did not participate in UEFA competition
did not participate in UEFA competition
UEFA Europa League play-offs
round of 16
UEFA Europa League round of 32
2008/09: round of 16
2007/08: quarter-finals
2006/07: quarter-finals
UEFA Cup round of 16

UEFA club competition
• Biggest home win
Roma v ND Gorica
28/09/00, UEFA Cup first round second leg
7-0: Roma v Vitória FC
16/09/99, UEFA Cup first round first leg

• Biggest away win
1-7: KAA Gent v Roma
06/08/09, UEFA Europa League third qualifying round second leg

• Heaviest home defeat
1-7: Roma v FC Bayern München
21/10/14, UEFA Champions League group stage

• Heaviest away defeat
7-1: Manchester United FC v Roma
10/04/07, UEFA Champions League quarter-finals second leg

UEFA Champions League (group stage to final only)
• Biggest home win
5-1: Roma v PFC CSKA Moskva
17/09/14, group stage
4-0: Roma v FC Shakhtar Donetsk
12/09/2006, group stage

• Biggest away win
FC Dynamo Kyiv v Roma
27/11/2008, group stage
0-3: Valencia CF v AS Roma
26/02/2003, second group stage

• Heaviest home defeat
1-7: Roma v FC Bayern München (see above for details)

• Heaviest away defeat
7-1: Manchester United FC v Roma (see above for details)



Real Madrid CF
Nickname: Los Merengues (The Meringues)

UEFA club competition honours (runners-up in brackets)
• European Cup (10): 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, (1962), (1964), 1966, (1981), 1998, 2000, 2002, 2014
• UEFA Cup (2): 1985, 1986
• UEFA Cup Winners' Cup: (1971), (1983)
• UEFA Super Cup (2): (1998), (2000), 2002, 2014
• European/South American Cup (3): 1960, (1966), 1998, (2000), 2002

Domestic honours (most recent triumph in brackets)
League title: 32 (2012)
Spanish Cup: 19 (2014)

Ten-year European record (UEFA Champions League unless indicated otherwise)
round of 16
round of 16
2007/08: round of 16
2006/07: round of 16
2005/06: round of 16

UEFA club competition

• Biggest home win
9-0: Madrid v Odense BK
25/10/61, European Champion Clubs' Cup first round second leg

• Biggest away win
0-8: Olympiakos Nicosia FC v Madrid
24/09/69, European Champion Clubs' Cup first round first leg

• Heaviest home defeat
Madrid v FC Bayern München
29/02/00, UEFA Champions League second group stage
Madrid v FC Spartak Moskva
20/03/91, European Champion Clubs' Cup semi-final second leg
on five occasions, most recently v FC Barcelona
27/04/11, UEFA Champions League semi-final first leg

• Heaviest away defeat
5-0 twice, most recently v AC Milan
19/04/89, European Champion Clubs' Cup semi-final second leg

UEFA Champions League (group stage to final only)
• Biggest home win
8-0: Madrid v Malmö FF
08/12/15, group stage

• Biggest away win
Galatasaray AŞ v Madrid
17/09/13, group stage
1-6: FC Schalke 04 v Madrid
26/02/14, round of 16 first leg

• Heaviest home defeat
2-4: Madrid v FC Bayern München (see above for details)
0-2 on three occasions, most recently v FC Barcelona (see above for details)

• Heaviest away defeat
4-0: Liverpool FC v Madrid
10/11/09, round of 16 second leg




The all-time record of the competing clubs in UEFA club competition.

UEFA club competition: These are the official statistics considered valid for communicating official records in UEFA club competition defined as European Champion Clubs' Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Cup Winner's Cup UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Intertoto Cup and European/South American Cup. Matches in the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup and the 1972 Super Cup are not included as they were not held under UEFA auspices, while the FIFA Club World Cup is excluded.

Match officials

UCL: Total matches officiated in the UEFA Champions League from 1992/93 season, group stage to final only. Matches where the official has acted as the fourth official are not included in these statistics. These are the official statistics considered valid for communicating official records.

UEFA: Total matches officiated in UEFA club competition including all qualifying round matches. Matches where the official has acted as the fourth official are not included in these statistics. These are the official statistics considered valid for communicating official records.


Club competitions
  • UCL: UEFA Champions League
  • ECCC: European Champion Clubs' Cup
  • UEL: UEFA Europa League
  • UCUP: UEFA Cup
  • UCWC: UEFA Cup Winners' Cup
  • SCUP: UEFA Super Cup
  • UIC: UEFA Intertoto Cup
  • ICF: Inter-Cities Fairs Cup
National team competitions
  • EURO: UEFA European Football Championship
  • WC: FIFA World Cup
  • CONFCUP: FIFA Confederations Cup
  • FRIE: Friendly internationals
  • U21FRIE: Under-21 friendly internationals
  • U21: UEFA European Under-21 Championship
  • U17: UEFA Under-17 Championship
  • U16: UEFA European Under-16 Championship
  • U19: UEFA Under-19 Championship
  • U18: UEFA European Under-18 Championship
  • WWC: FIFA Women's World Cup
  • WEURO: UEFA European Women's Championship

Competition stages

  • F: Final
  • GS: Group stage
  • GS1: First group stage
  • GS2: Second group stage
  • 3QR: Third qualifying round
  • R1: First round
  • R2: Second round
  • R3: Third round
  • R4: Fourth round
  • PR: Preliminary round
  • SF: Semi-finals
  • QF: Quarter-finals
  • R16: round of 16
  • QR: Qualifying round
  • R32: Round of 32
  • 1QR: First qualifying round
  • 1st: first leg
  • 2QR: Second qualifying round
  • 2nd: second leg
  • FT: Final tournament
  • PO: Play-off
  • ELITE: Elite round
  • Rep: Replay
  • 3rdPO: Third-place play-off
  • PO - FT: Play-off for Final Tournament
  • GS-FT: Group stage – final tournament

Other abbreviations

  • (aet): After extra time
  • pens: Penalties
  • No.: Number
  • og: Own goal
  • ag: Match decided on away goals
  • P: Penalty
  • agg: Aggregate
  • Pld: Matches played
  • AP: Appearances
  • Pos.: Position
  • Comp.: Competition
  • Pts: Points
  • D: Drawn
  • R: Sent off (straight red card)
  • DoB: Date of birth
  • Res.: Result
  • ET: Extra Time
  • sg: Match decided by silver goal
  • GA: Goals against
  • t: Match decided by toss of a coin
  • GF: Goals for
  • W: Won
  • gg: Match decided by golden goal
  • Y: Booked
  • L: Lost
  • Y/R: Sent off (two yellow cards)
  • Nat.: Nationality
  • N/A: Not applicable
  • f: Match forfeited


  • -: Denotes player substituted
  • +: Denotes player introduced
  • *: Denotes player sent off
  • +/-: Denotes player introduced and substituted

Squad list

  • D: Disciplinary
  • *: Misses next match if booked
  • S: Suspended
  • UCLQ: Current season total UEFA Champions League appearances in the qualifying rounds and play-offs only
  • UCL: Current season total UEFA Champions League appearances from group stage onwards prior to current matchday
  • UCL: Total appearances in the UEFA Champions League from 1992/93 season, group stage to final only
  • UEFA: All-time total appearances in UEFA club competition including qualifying
  • Disclaimer: Although UEFA has taken all reasonable care that the information contained within this document is accurate at the time of publication, no representation or guarantee (including liability towards third parties), expressed or implied, is made as to its accuracy, reliability or completeness. Therefore, UEFA assumes no liability for the use or interpretation of information contained herein. More information can be found in the competition regulations available on