Special Olympians given help in Andorra

Andorran Football Federation (FAF) technical director David Rodrigo said a collaboration with Special Olympics Andorra had proved to be "a good experience for both institutions".

The FAF and Special Olympics teams
The FAF and Special Olympics teams ©FAF

The Andorran Football Federation (FAF) has been working alongside Special Olympics Andorra in a bid to help develop football and futsal among players with intellectual disabilities.

A series of friendly games in the course of 2011 involving men's and women's football teams and futsal sides has seen the FAF and Special Olympics Andorra collaborate, with the FAF eager to share its expertise and give advice on developing projects like friendly football, seven-a-side football and futsal matches, as well as planning activities outside Andorra.

The two bodies will continue to work together, with FAF technical director – and former national team coach – David Rodrigo explaining "this is a good experience for both institutions". Gualbert Osorio, the president of Special Olympics Andorra, added: "The most important goal is that people with intellectual disabilities can adapt through sport. Integration is our aim and sport is an important tool we can use to achieve it."