EURO host cities helping disabled fans

The UEFA EURO 2016 host cities information guide developed by the Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE) helps with planning journeys around this summer's tournament.

Disabled fans and non-disabled fans are supporting the ‘Total Football, Total Access’ campaign at UEFA EURO 2016. People living with a disability - visible or not - represent the largest minority group. And they are welcome in European football. We encourage them to take their rightful places, as football fans in the forthcoming exciting tournament in France. Watch the video.

Accessibility at UEFA EURO 2016 is not limited to the stadiums and their immediate surroundings. The ten French host cities have also included accessibility in their mobility plans for the finals in order to deliver access for all to the fan zones and other pedestrian areas.

The host cities information guide – available in French, English and German – is a great resource for planning a trip to the host city where your team is playing. It contains a wide range of information, links and key contacts including:

  • How to travel by air, rail or bus to the host city
  • Public transport in the host city
  • Taxis
  • Accommodation
  • Eating and drinking
  • Sightseeing and leisure
  • Getting to the stadiums
  • 'Accès Plus' hotline 
  • And more ...

UEFA welcomes the measures that have been taken by the host cities to inform and support disabled people coming to UEFA EURO 2016, especially as some of the measures will remain in place after the event is over, creating a positive social legacy in each of the venues.